Programs + Events

9th Annual Corn Roast
Sunday, August 23, 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Wolf Sculpture Garden
Cost: FREE

Ron Benner roasts corn for all at his garden installation As the Crow Flies. Part sculpture, part installation and part performance, the event will feature Benner's roving corn-roasting wagon Maiz Barbacoa. The site-specific piece features a pond, garden and corn plants surrounded by black and white laminated photographs that trace the militarization of food and society, as well as themes of activism, environmentalism and global food politics. Musician Frank Ridsdale will entertain us with his resolute songs of political misdemeanours covering a wide geographical range from the Port Stanley harbour to Latin American revolutionary songs.

Nihilist Spasm Band 50th Anniversary Concert with Joe McPhee
Friday, September 18, 7:00 pm
Cost: $12 advance, $15 door

The Nihilist Spasm Band (NSB) of London, Ontario was formed in 1965 while playing store-bought kazoos. Soon John Boyle, John Clement, Greg Curnoe, Bill Exley, Murray Favro, Archie Leitch, Hugh McIntyre and Art Pratten began to invent handmade instruments that extended their individual personalities. Their amplified anti-music is widely considered the birth of noise, a genre that has become increasingly vital and current in sound and art today. Marking fifty years of cacophony, today’s NSB, which includes John Boyle (drums, kazoo), John Clement (drums, bass, guitar), Bill Exley (voice), Murray Favro (guitar), Aya Onishi (drums, kazoo), and Art Pratten (Pratt-a-various, water pipe), reunites with guest recording artist Joe McPhee of Poughkeepsie, New York. McPhee first encountered the band during its 1999 swing through New York State. In October 2000, he visited London for several days, during which they recorded the No Borders double CD. This anniversary concert marks their first reunion since then.

Culture Days at Museum London!
Sunday, September 27
Guided tours on the hour: 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00
Cost: Free

Museum London shares its fall harvest and serves up palatable exhibitions related to the theme of food. Take a tour of historical displays such as Get Cooking and Let’s Eat, which present the region’s food production and manufacturing over the years. Then, visit contemporary exhibitions such as Food-Water-Life by Lucy & Jorge Orta, as well as the installation Indigestion by London artist Ron Benner. If you have room for dessert, join Growing Chefs! Ontario at 1:00 pm for a drop-in workshop, Food for Thought, on simple ways children can help grow and prepare food at home. Growing Chefs! Ontario unites chefs, growers, educators and community members in children’s food education projects and knows first-hand how to nourish a child’s curiosity for cooking. Parents, you may not have to cook tonight!

Food for Thought with Growing Chefs! Ontario
Sunday, September 27 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Community Gallery
Cost: Free

Join Growing Chefs! Ontario at 1:00 pm for a drop-in workshop, Food for Thought, on simple ways children can help grow and prepare food at home. Growing Chefs! Ontario unites chefs, growers, educators and community members in children’s food education projects and knows first-hand how to nourish a child’s curiosity for cooking. Parents, you may not have to cook tonight!

All You Can Eat: A Symposium on Food
Sunday, October 18, 1:00 to 6:00 pm
Theatre and Community Gallery
Cost: Free

In celebration of our thematic fall exhibitions, and World Food Day on October 16, Museum London presents a symposium on a topic essential to survival: food. Discussions will explore the food system and its sustainability, as well as how food communicates identity, values, culture, and ethnicity. We begin the afternoon with a keynote address and finish it off with a tour and performance. Registration will open soon and check the website in September for details.

Two-Course Films on Food: Food, Inc. & Chef
Sunday, November 1, 1:00 and 3:00 pm
Cost: $5

The cool weather is coming but you can fill your belly on Sunday afternoons with a two-course meal of the best films dishing on food. We pull old and new flicks out of the cupboard, tossing documentaries and dramas together with a dash of comedy. There’s something to satiate all palettes, so help yourself to a second serving!

Food, Inc., Robert Kenner, USA, 2008, 94 min, PG
This documentary examines current methods of food production, which have developed largely in response to the growth of the fast food industry. As a result, today most industrial food production is controlled by a few multinational-corporations whose goal is to produce large quantities of food at low cost, for enormous profit.
View the trailer

Chef, Jon Favreau, USA, 2014, 114 min, 14A
This adventure comedy tells the story of an acclaimed chef who, after a public altercation with a food critic, quits his job at a popular Los Angeles restaurant and returns to his home town of Miami to fix up a food truck. In the process he rediscovers his gastronomic passion while driving it across America.
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Two-Course Films on Food: The Fruit Hunters & Fed Up
Sunday, November 16, 1:00 and 3:00 pm
Cost: $5

The Fruit Hunters, Yung Chang, USA, 2012, 95 min, G
Adventurers, exotic fruit fanatics, and a communal orchard near the Hollywood Hills, are the subjects of this film by acclaimed director Yung Chang. A thrilling journey through nature, commerce and adventure, The Fruit Hunters is a cinematic odyssey that takes viewers from the dawn of humanity to the cutting edge of modern agriculture and in the process will change not just the way we look at what we eat, but what it means to be human.
View the trailer

Fed Up, Stephanie Soechtig, 2014, USA, 92 min, G
Upending the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and how to lose it, this film unearths a dirty secret of the American food industry: that far more of us get sick from what we eat than anyone has previously realized. Filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and TV journalist Katie Couric lead us through this potent exposé that uncovers why (despite media attention, the public’s fascination with appearance, and government policies to combat childhood obesity) generations of American children will live shorter lives than their parents did.
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Two-Course Films on Food: Just Eat It & Haute Cuisine
Sunday, November 22, 1:00 and 3:00 pm
Cost: $5

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, Grant Baldwin, Canada, 75 min, PG
After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant pledge to quit grocery shopping cold turkey and survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away. In a nation where one in 10 people is food insecure, the images they capture of squandered groceries are both shocking and strangely compelling. Just Eat It examines our systemic obsession with expiry dates, perfect produce and portion sizes, and reveals the core of this seemingly insignificant issue that is having devastating consequences around the globe.
View the trailer

Haute Cuisine, Christian Vincent, France, 2013, 95 min, PG, French with English subtitles
A cook is hired by the French President to be his personal chef, recreating the traditional regional cuisine he enjoyed as a child. Small-town Hortense draws on secret family recipes to please him, while acclimatising to the social obstacles of the stuffy kitchen staff.
View the trailer

Two-Course Films on Food: Deli Man & The Trip to Italy
Sunday, November 29, 1:00 and 3:00 pm
Cost: $5

Deli Man, Erik Anjou, USA, 2015, 92 min, PG
The Rialto was the first Kosher deli on Broadway in the 1920s, followed by thousands of other famous Jewish delis across the United States. Now there are fewer than 150 left. Deli Man looks at the cultural aspects of this food and how the desire for it is disappearing.
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The Trip to Italy, Michael Winterbottom, UK, 2014, 108 min, NR
A sequel to Winterbottom’s 2010 The Trip, this film reunites friends Rob and Steve on comic romp through Italy. Commissioned by a newspaper to go on a driving tour from Piedmont to Capri, Rob (Rob Brydon) is joined by his friend Steve (Steve Coogan), who together share great meals while following in the footsteps of the great Romantic poets.
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