Partner Programs

London Architecture Series
Thursdays, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Lecture Theatre
Admission: FREE

This series of talks is in partnership with the London Society of Architects and explores the practice of architecture in and around our community and across our nation.

April 28: Design Director, Marco VanderMaas, Quadrangle Architecture

As Quadrangle’s Design Director, Marco collaborates with clients and project teams to promote the highest standards of quality and consistency in design development.

He first immerses himself in each client’s requirements and the unique circumstances defining their projects; he then works to inspire the collective team by leading the exploration of design ideas, sustainability goals and potential materials. Among the many projects on which he has provided guidance are the Dundas and Shorncliffe mixed-use development project, which adds much-needed density to an area of urban sprawl; EC11, a four-storey wood-frame development; 36 Hazelton, a mid-rise luxury condominium; and 66 Isabella Street, a 23-storey urban infill project that meets market demand for rental accommodations. Born in the Netherlands, Marco brought an urban sensibility to small-town Canada when his family moved to St. Catharines, Ontario. After earning a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Waterloo, he worked in several design disciplines before joining Quadrangle in 2009. Within the industry, he is deeply involved in the Wood WORKS! project sponsored by the Canadian Wood Council.

Western Continuing Education Lecture Series

These art appreciation courses are offered in conjunction with the Western Centre for Continuing Studies at Western University. Register and pay securely online at, in person at the Continuing Studies office, Citi Plaza location, or by phone at 519.661.3658.

Art and the Holocaust
6 Tuesdays: January 26-March 1 2016
With the recent seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, this illustrated course examines how art was used as a tool of propaganda under Nazi dictatorship, and the ways in which victims created art within their tragic circumstances. We will also discover how some artists since WWII have treated the Holocaust theme in their work as an act of remembrance and hope.

Model Behaviour: Models in Famous Artworks
6 Tuesdays: April 12-May 17 201
Have you ever wondered about the lives of the models who appear in famous art? Who were they? What was their relationship with the artist? Why did the artist choose them? This course uncovers some of the well-known faces and figures in painting and sculpture to better understand the artist/model relationship in the history of art.

Cost: $200 + HST

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