Screening of Sugar Coated followed by Q and A with a Special Guest

  • Wednesday, April 20, 1:30 pm

  • Admission: $5 cash at the door

National Canadian Film Day is an annual celebration of Canadian film organized by REEL CANADA. Each year Canadians unite around stories in celebration of the power and diversity of Canadian cinema.

In keeping with our winter theme of work and play, join us for a screening of Sugar Coated (2015, 91 min, NR), the latest film by veteran documentary filmmaker Michèle Hozer. Hozer investigates how the sugar industry co-opts scientific evidence around its toxicity, while the medical field--alarmed by skyrocketing obesity and fatty liver disease in children--continues its crusade against it. As multibillion-dollar companies wield creative public relations campaigns to protect their empires, Sugar Coated warns that we are sitting on a dietary time bomb.

We are pleased to announce that our special guest is Hema Ramsingh, the Nomadic Nutritionist. Hema is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Culinary Nutritionist and 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach based in Toronto. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Hema places an emphasis on consuming whole foods for health. She is passionate about teaching others that with the right foods we can promote and maintain good health--and it can be done simply, easily and without sacrificing taste! Hema will lead a QandA after the film.

Films and Tours

  • Sundays monthly, 2:00 pm

  • Admission: Tours at 2:00 pm are free; screenings are $5.00 at the door

This winter, join our guides for monthly tour-and-film combo around the theme of water. Tours start at 2:00 pm, followed by screenings at 3:00 pm in the Theatre. Stay dry while watching great Canadian films on everything from storms to swimming and sailing!

Grab one of our new punch cards and wrack up your films to earn a scrumptious reward on us! We are partnering with the Rhino Café to bring you the yummiest in both film and food. See three films by the end of June and get a free coffee and homemade pastry on the house.

Learn more

January 31: Treading Water, Analeine Cal y Mayor, Canada-Mexico, 2014, 92 min, NR

Explore regional fresh-water bodies during our tour of A Ripple Effect in the Forum Gallery. Then, watch the fairy tale life of swimming-hero Mica, a boy who smells like fish and lives in an eccentric museum dedicated to Mexican crooner Guillermo Garibai. No one can seem to get Mica on track until his childhood sweetheart Laura swims back into his life.

February 28: October Gale, Rubba Nada, Canada 2014, 91 mins, 14A

Join us at 2:00 pm for a tour of Around the Clock: London at Work and Play and then stay on for our feature presentation in the Theatre. In October Gale, Helen retreats to her island cabin to mourn the passing of her husband. When a boat washes up on shore carrying a mysterious man, Helen saves him, leaving her alone with a dangerous stranger.

April 24: Wet Bum, Lindsay MacKay, Canada, 2014, 98 min, 14A

Learn about one hundred years of games, toys, and sports in our tour of Canada at Play (Interior Gallery), and then watch the Canadian feature Wet Bum. While cleaning the retirement home run by her mother, fourteen-year-old Sam becomes friends with her swim instructor and two seniors, learning about growing up and growing old.

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