Two-Course Films on Food

Sunday’s at 1:00 and 3:00 pm
Cost: $5 per film at the door

The cool weather is coming but you can fill your belly on Sunday afternoons with a two-course meal of the best films dishing on food. We pull old and new flicks out of the cupboard, tossing documentaries and dramas together with a dash of comedy. There’s something to satiate all palettes, so help yourself to a second serving!

The Fruit Hunters & Fed Up
Sunday, November 15

The Fruit Hunters, Yung Chang, USA, 2012, 95 min, G
From actor Bill Pullman’s efforts at a communal orchard near his home in Hollywood Hills, to scientists exploring jungles for plants to graft, and an Italian cultivator studying Renaissance paintings to identify new varieties, viewers are taken on a journey through nature, commerce and adventure.
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Fed Up, Stephanie Soechtig, 2014, USA, 92 min, G
Fed Up examines why far more people get sick from what they eat than we realize. Katie Couric leads us on an exposé about why children will live shorter lives than their parents, despite media attention, our obsession with appearance, and policies against child obesity
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Just Eat It & Haute Cuisine
Sunday, November 22

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, Grant Baldwin, Canada, 75 min, PG
Jen and Grant stop buying groceries for a year and live on discarded food in an attempt to show how our idea of “perfect produce” encourages us to be wasteful. Living as freegans, they stockpile found food to show how supply and demand are out of sync.
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Haute Cuisine, Christian Vincent, France, 2013, 95 min, PG, French with English subtitles
A cook is hired by the French President to be his personal chef, recreating the traditional regional cuisine he enjoyed as a child. Small-town Hortense draws on secret family recipes to please him, while acclimatising to the social obstacles of the stuffy kitchen staff.
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Deli Man & The Trip to Italy
Sunday, November 29

Deli Man, Erik Anjou, USA, 2015, 92 min, PG
The Rialto was the first Kosher deli on Broadway in the 1920s, followed by thousands of other famous Jewish delis across the United States, frequented by luminaries such as Larry King and Jerry Stiller. Now there are fewer than 150 left. Deli Man looks at the cultural aspects of this food and how the desire for it is disappearing.
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The Trip to Italy, Michael Winterbottom, UK, 2014, 108 min, NR
Restaurant reviewers Steve and Rob are reunited but this time on a tour of Italy. The comedic buddies share six meals in six places, including Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, and Capri. During this time, their professional and personal lives are strengthened.
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